Thursday, May 2, 2013

Op Eds...Seriously. Again?

Today I would like you to read the New York Post Opinion Page and explore. Find an article that is intriguing to you and read it--closely. Then...

  1. Copy a link to the article.
  2. Write a summary of the article. Remember that a summary is the most concise manner of retelling the main points of the text.
  3. Analyze the argument of the text. What is the argument? 
  4. What rhetorical strategies does the author use to try to persuade you?
  5. Explain what your opinion is on the matter. What do you think about what the author's argument?



    2. The main part of this article was discussing is it justified to abort a baby after 24 weeks. Many people had different opinions saying that after 20 weeks a baby can be born extremely premature, intervention is necessary for survival but they could become a fully healthy child. Some people said that they think that it is the women's choice because it is her body that will be affected, but believe it should be done sooner than 24 weeks. The author of the article makes it very clear he does not agree and thinks it should be outlawed.

    3. The argument for the article is that abortion after 24 weeks should be outlawed due to the fact that the baby could be born and survive, so the mother is ultimately murdering the child.

    4. The author uses a lot of appeal to ignorance because he does not see much of the other side, the women's side. He uses much evidence saying that it is a child that could be fully functioning one day and their voice can not be heard. He also uses imagery saying that the mother is killing the unborn child.

    5. My opinion on the matter is very inconsistent, I think that getting an abortion after 24 weeks seems to long to wait because the baby could survive. I think that it is women's choice, but I think that if they are going to they should in the very early weeks. Also, the only way I think it would be ok after 24 weeks is if giving birth would be fatal to the mother. Other than that I don't see why someone would wait so long to get one done. His argument didn't use much rhetoric he used appeal to ignorance because he believed only his opinion was right. I think he could have backed up his argument with more evidence or why he thinks that way.

  2. 1.
    2. This article talks about the sometimes obsessive taste that some people have for Cilantro. It says that some people might have the genetics that make them love its taste while others without their traits don't think much of it.
    3. I think the argument hear is that tastes are what keep humans alive by rejecting food that is harmful to the body because of its tast so Cilantro can't be all that bad.
    4. The author uses gives facts on both side of an argument but the author makes one sides facts seem better and more persuasive.
    5. This argument sucked. I don't even think it was one to be honest. Why was this in the opinion section? The passage seemed like a large amount of quotes that were taken out of context and jumbled together in a way that did not make sense. I feel as though the author's real argument was to persuade the reader to not read anymore of her articles.

  3. 1.
    2. This article discusses the false ideas that Al Qaeda is on the run and weakening. The article states that although Osama is down, Al Qaeda is not. Allied countries are still fighting strong and making advances in trying to seize more power.
    3. The argument is that Al Qaeda is not going away and is continuing to fight on whether we believe it or not.
    4. The author using one-sided arguments throughout the entire article. The main focus was on how Al Qaeda is not gone and how other allied countries of Al Qaeda are on attack as well. As far as salid evidence and facts of this, there is not clearly any. The article states a few uprises that has occured but nothing that seemed deamingly horrifying. Hyperbole is also in use here. The author makes the events seem more dangerous than they really are. The author talks about how the all these allied countries and radical groups are all active and on the move but there are few examples of things they have truly done that were life-threatening to the US (at least).
    5. I am qualifying with the author. I believe that there are enough evidences that support the idea that Al Qaeda is not finished and we as a country should still be armed and watching carefully for the safety of us all. However, the author makes this article out to be almost as a scare tactic article. It is exaggerated and a lot of the examples aren't real examples when you pick them apart. Just because all of Al Qaeda isn't buried ten feet in the ground somewhere, does not mean the nation is still in harmsway. There will always be opposition for us as Americans and I don't believe it's possible to completely wipe out all of Al Qaeda and its followers/allies.

  4. 1.

    2. In this article, they analyze the success of Tim Tebow and Robert Johnson in the past year, and then go on to compare the two. However, they both work very different jobs and intrigue the audience by doing so anyway.

    3. The argument, is the comparison of the Tebow and Johnson and their success rate from the past year. Although they both work very different jobs, they make the claim that they both did poorly this past year, however, they make the statement that Tebow won't be fired because of his career.

    4. In this, the writer uses logos to prove his point. He gives several facts and even numbers to make his point stronger. Using logos, he has a better chance his audience will believe his information, because he uses statistics.

    5. In this, I completely agree with him. Those that are professional athletes don't lose their job as quickly as someone in the real world may. I personally could care less about either Tebow or Johnson, neither of them really effect me in any way. The author's point though, was believeable because of his facts.

  5. 1.

    2. The article I read was called Slip of the Tounge. It was basically telling about all of the different tastes that a human has and which ones are bmost welcomed. For example, bitterness is mostly turned away because the body takes it as poison while sweetness is accepted because the body takes it as a fuel.
    3. The argument of the article is that the sensors on our tounge that aquire taste, are possibly not only influenced by genes. The thought process of how our body takes the tastes we intake, is very in depth and one of the least understood senses.
    4. The author uses facts and examples to try and persude you. They bring up different certifued authors who write on the subject and most things we know about the transmittion of senses to the brain.
    5. My opinion on the matter is that there is more in the body that determines taste than genes. I believe that taste is develloped over what looks appealing. Also, I believe taste is made up of things we are brought to like as babies like a memory.

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    2. The article is a comparison between the disaster that is the New York Jets and the political mess of the DA's office in New York city. The background information is how the Jets paid Tim Tebow 4.5 million for quite the unproductive season he had(not his fault that Rex Ryan is an arrogant poop head and Mark Sanchez is just awful). Anyway, the stats weren't there and the Jets decided to move on in another direction releasing Tebow to free agency. The connection to the New York DA's office is that the prosecution numbers are just as low as Tebow's but they can't just release the DA. It has to go in a more political direction--election.
    3. The argument of the article is that the DA of New York needs to go. However, it's just a matter of figuring out how because it isn't as easy as saying you've been cut.
    4. The author uses comparison and relations to other popular subjects such as the NFL. It helps get the attention of readers and put ideas into a more understandable way. The author also uses stats in comparison to other DA numbers which showed the DA being discussed has a lower production rate than those around him. They show he isn't doing the job of convicting those who commit a crime.
    5. Sports aspect: I believe the releasing of Tim Tebow was the best thing for him because the Jets isn't the right place for him. They are filled with a bunch of insecure people where when he was successful in Denver, he had no problems like that but just him playing his game.
    Political aspect: I think the author is in the right for his argument about the DA. Obviously, nothing productive is coming out of him. As a citizen, when I see those numbers of the difference between those convicted and not with the majority being in the not, I don't feel safe. It seems that too many are getting off easy and back into a society where they committed a crime. In other words, letting criminals back into the community just seems unsafe.

  7. 1.
    2. The article was comparing the football politics associated with Time Tebow to the politics in the Bronx with Robert Johnson.
    3. The argument of this text is that the politics in football and sports, which is usually viewed barbarically, is more professional than that of Bronx.
    4. The author uses comparison in talking about the two different politics. He says that both types of politics FIND errors in the people, but the difference is that the politicians do not get rid of someone when they become of no use, or are not helpful in any way to the program. The author also uses logos with comparison. He compares the statistics of pro-football to explain why Tebow was let go, as well as statistics to explain the situation with Robertson.
    5. I agree with the author's claim. I think it's sad, but true, that more sports organizations are more political than politics themselves. I think that this is because people in the sports world are not afraid to get rid of someone when they no longer find them helpful or fit for the job.


    The issue the article is discussing is whether or not people should re consider abortion laws throughout the country since every state is different. The article discussed and compared topics about people angry over animal killings yet still stand up the for the right of the woman to do whatever she wants with her unborn child, either killing it or not., The real argument the author is making is that she does not believe that women should have the right to terminate a pregnancy at any time before the child is born. She believes it is unhuman and a terrible thing to do as a mother. The rhetorical strategies used by the author is using the picture of the child at 24 weeks to create a pathos effect on the reader. This makes them feel somewhat guilty if they tried to kill their unborn child. the author uses rhetoric and back up information and support from the Post to create a sense of one-sided argument to help make her case better. My opinion on this argument is that I believe women should have the right to do whatever they want with the child before a certain amount of time passes by (like 24 weeks) since many different factors could play into why they do not want to carry a child for 9 months and or bring a child into this world that they do not want (adoption reasons, rape, religious views, overall personal beliefs, etc). I think the authors argument is very one-sided and does not take into consideration on the fact why some women get abortions in the first place.

  9. 1.
    The article's main point is abortion & whether people are still for or against it, even after the fetus is 24 weeks old. The article posts many different letters they have received concerning abortion & different people's point-of-view's on the topic. There are multiple different letters that agree that abortion is wrong, especially after the fetus would be able to be born prematurely& survive. However, there is only one response that thinks that abortion is okay to do, except after the fetus is able to survive being boring prematurely.
    The argument of the text is whether abortion is right or wrong when a fetus is able to survive being born prematurely (24 weeks old).
    The author uses other people's personal opinions to help persuade you to believe that abortion is wrong.They also use an appeal to ignorance because they only examine one side of the argument. They do not give many letters where people are saying that abortion is okay. The article is also very biased. The author only gives you the side that people think everyone should believe in. They also do not give any letters from a woman who has gone through this experience herself.
    My opinion on the topic is that I believe that abortion is right in some cases. I believe that it depends on the situation that the woman is in personally & financially. However, I do believe that a woman should choose whether she wants to keep the child or not, long before the fetus gets to be 24 weeks old. I believe that if a woman waits that long to decide if she wants to keep the child or not, then abortion should not be an option & adoption should be her next option.

  10. 1.
    2. The author goes into detail about how taste works with the other senses in how people perceive their food. Smell being the most important makes up 90% of flavor (according to the author). Sight plays a role in edible foods, because people want to eat things that look appealing. Snack foods that sound crunchy are more accepted as well, without hearing the crunch people thought the food was stale. She also went into detail about how certain tastes are acquired after being taught to like certain things.
    3. The argument is that all of the senses apply when tasting foods and that preferring certain tastes is something that people get overtime.
    4. The author employ logos. Almost every sentence uses logos. She constantly states facts about this or that and all of the different studies done. She also uses ethos by using lots of quotes from notable people. Not much pathos was used, but that makes sense because this is an informative article and not a persuasive one. She starts with something that most people have experienced and makes the point that there is controversy about it. Do you or don't you like cilantro? I know when I started reading this, I thought to myself, "Yeah, I like cilantro." Without even thinking about it. Everything is presented in a logical and informative way. Because the information isn't a big controversial topic and the fact that half of it is common knowledge, people would just assume that whatever they didn't know before must be true. They use a simple diction that is easy for people to understand, but also shows some intelligence in the one who wrote it.
    5. I knew a lot of the facts already from a 4-H seminar I went to about nutrition and wellness. I doubt the rest of the public would know whether or not all of the facts are true, but it won't be a big deal if some aren't because the subject matter is relatively trivial. I thought the author did a good job with her research and with the layout she chose, she didn't need many convincing tidbits. The use of rhetorical devices was low because she loaded it with facts and evidence.

  11. 1)

    2) In this article, the author talks about the new rule that girls as young as fifteen years old can buy Plan B, the morning after pill without a prescription. The author lists reasons as to why he believes a prescription should be required.

    3) The author is making the argument that a prescription should be required to acquire Plan B. He makes this argument by saying that by requiring a prescription girls are forced to talk to their doctors about it, which may help them with the problems they are currently facing. He also says that not requiring a prescription will lead to an increase in STDs and even possibly a deadly birth. The last point that the author makes to aid his argument was that girls need to be screened when using it because it can have dramatic side effects.

    4) In a way, the author used generalization and inductive reasoning in his argument. The reason I say this is he says that he concludes that because some people experience negative results with the Plan B pill, that many people will experience it too. Therefore, he makes his argument based around this claim that the pill will be ultimately destructive and therefore needs to be limited and prescribed.

    5) I, however, agree with the author. I think his argument is valid in that girls should not have access to this pill without first talking to a doctor about it. I think allowing girls access to it this easily is a mistake that will prove more harmful than helpful. I think it only aids girls to partake in risky behavior all that much more because it takes away the consequences that should be there.


    2. This article is about the Hasidic owned store owners in Manhattan that are getting sued by the city because of their dress codes requirements for their stores. These stores are owned by Jewish families and these families think that this dress code requirement is a good thing to have in place because they are trying to maintain their faith. Their main argument against the city is that they if someone is not abiding by the dresscode, they can go change and come back. Meanwhile, if they are disciminating them based upon race, then there would be no changing “clothes” they'd have to deal with discrimination.

    3. The argument is that there are 7 hasidic stores in Manhattan that are imposing discrimination. This argument is stating that they are imposing discimination through their dress code rules and regulations and the city is suing them, but there is no ground for their lawsuit.

    4. The author uses ethos because there are many facts presented about the case and about the rules/regulations that are guarding. The author is writing about the city and their decisions because he shows that the city is making a hasty generalization, because the city is assuming that the stores are trying to force their reglion onto the patrons.

    5. I don't think that these stores should be getting sued because they aren't trying to make people believe in the Jewish faith. The article says that there has never been anyone turned away because of what their clothing attire is, which to me, makes it seem as if there's no reason for it to be considered discrimination. I think the author's argument is valid because there is no reason for the city to be suing them because they are not actually discriminating against people.


    2. This writer is talking about how Washington never connects the dots, and he wonders if there could have been some way to prevent the Boston bombings. The author talks about all the procedures that the FBI has to follow in order to prevent things like this from happening in order to not invade people's privacy
    3. The author is arguing that when things like the Boston Bombing happens the country makes more protocols and puts up more hoops to jump through, when really the protocols are the things that make it impossible to prevent things like this from happening.
    4. The author uses hasty generalizations to try to persuade, he looks to one incident where the protocols got in the way of preventing the catastrophe while in fact there are many scenarios where the FBI has been able to stop attacks from happening with the protocols.
    5. I actually agree with the author, I think that some of the hoops that the FBI and other federal protection programs have to jump through are just preventing them from stopping numerous bad things from happening. Although I do agree with having some lines drawn with people's privacy, I think that many should be taken away. If someone is genuinely not guilty of something they should not mind being checked or questioned, so much proof should not have to be provided for an investigation to be put into action.

  14. 1.

    2. Overall this article was talking about how charter schools are treated unfairly and wildly attacked for pulling through and being successful. Eva Moskowitz’s is a principal that speaks about how the Teachers Union is trying to stop regular schools and charter schools from sharing the same building. She does not believe that it is fair that the charter schools are being put back when they recieve some of the hightest test scores in the state.

    3. The aregument that the author is trying to make is that the UFT is unjustly trying to pass laws agaist charter schools in New York.

    4. The author uses many rhetorical stragigies throughout the text. The author begins by creating a paradox. She says that Eva has commited the ultimate sin of having a successful shcool business. This is a statement that really does contradict it's self. Due to this incongruity the reader can see that Eva has really done nothing wrong and the schools should not be punished. Also the author uses logos becuase she shows the readers evidence of the difference in test scores. Why should a school who gets less than a fourth of the funding of public schools be punished for having amost all of their kids pass the state test when NONE of the public school children can past the test. It is logical that this is unjust behavior. The author also referenced the other opinion of the person attacking the charter schools. Since they gave references to the opposite side and proved it wrong it made the argument even stronger.

    5. In many ways I agree with the author of the article. I feel like in many states charter schools are underfunded and yet still produce the most intelligent minds. They find ways to get buildings and I do not think that the Union needs to attack them and try to kick them out of buildings that they have happily settled into. I feel like the public school system needs to work on raising moral and standards instead of worring about all of these charter schools being in the same building. I feel like the author supported the article in many ways and it is a very important issue that needs to be brought to the attention of the people.

  15. 1.

    2. The article I read was called Plan B is not safe without a Doc's Rx. The article said that the plan b is morally and medically irresponsible. It explained that there are side effects to taking the pill that a doctor needs to take note and be aware of. Also, young girls may be more reckless if they know they have access to the pill. They have a greater risk of obtaining an STD, and they also miss out on having a talk with their physician about safe sex.

    3. The argument the author is trying to convey is that plan b should not be available for the young age group that it recently opened up to. The author then attempts to prove his point by giving details about the risks of taking plan b, and also the risks of not having to see a doctor.

    4. The author mainly uses logos to get his point across. He gives the reader information regarding the negative side effects of the pill. He also uses a small amount of pathos when he talks about an unwanted and unaffordable baby that could result from teen pregnancy. This creates a visual image in the mind of the reader that causes him or her to feel as though the pill promotes teen pregnancy, thus putting a poor teenage girl and baby in a bad situation. At the end of the article it states that the author, Dr. Marc Siegel, is a professor of Medicine at NYU. This gives him much credibility because he obviously is very educated about medicine and the negative aspects of the pill. However, I did feel as though he was leaning more towards the fact that he did not agree with the plan b because it was morally irresponsible, which is the cause of his biased information. The way in which he presented his information was very effective, however, because he used short paragraphs that allowed the most important information to easily be read and understood. Marc Siegel also used repetition of the word “mistake” to emphasize his opinion of the use of plan b for young girls.

    5. I both agree and disagree with the argument the author is making. I find the information of the medical concerns with taking plan b at such a young age without a doctor being aware to be very convincing. It was actually a part of the argument that I had not truly considered before I read the article. However, I do believe that plan b can eliminate the growing numbers of unwanted teen pregnancy. Unwanted babies can be abused, neglected, or unable to be taken care of properly. The pill can reduce the number of these problems with teen pregnancy. Plan b is not an abortion pill, so I do not believe that there should be as big of an argument that many people are making it. Although I understand why people are arguing that it promotes intercourse for teens, I find that it could reduce the number of teen pregnancies, which should be a huge goal in our world.

  16. 1.
    2. This article is referring to the recent decision that the FdA a made to release the morning after pill as an over the counter drug for any girls 15 and over. The article focuses on how in is irresponsible and immoral to release this type of drug to girls at such a young age because it is almost encouraging them to have unprotected sex. The article also states that young girl should consult a doctor if they need the morning after pill because there are risks and symptoms that they will need to discuss with their doctor.
    3.The argument is that the Morning After Pill is wrong to give to girls that young with out a prescription and that the decision "is morally and medically irresponsible."
    4. The author uses many rhetorical strategies, the main two being logic and pathos. The author uses logic to explain why it is irresponsible to give young girls the morning after pill without the consent of a doctor. He gives many reasons as the why it would be detrimental to the body of a young girl and why it is "medically immoral." The author also uses pathos when he appeals the the emotions of his readers. He does this by saying things like “Teen pregnancy usually starts and ends in disaster; if not abortion, then an unwanted or unaffordable child.” The author uses generalization throughout the text when he generalizes teenage girls as a whole. He gives many example that may apply to some teenage girls but not all, such as: “The need for Plan B is a clear sign that a young teen has made a mistake.” In this case he generalizes that all young girls made a mistake, but something tragic could have happened to the young girl. The author also uses a hyperbole when he says “Teen pregnancy usually starts and ends in disaster; if not abortion, then an unwanted or unaffordable child.” This is an exaggeration of what happens in teen pregnancy. Given that most teen pregnancy's are complicated and difficult on everyone's part, they are not all disasters.
    5. I qualify with this argument. I think that allowing a 15 year old girl to have the morning after pill not only allows her to make stupid choices about sex, but it is also potentially harmful to her body. At the same time, bringing a baby into the life of a 15 year old girl is not the best thing for a baby, and pregnancy in this case should be prevented. I think the author make a very good and clear argument and he persuaded me into agreeing with him. The author made many valid point and supported them well.

    2.) This article talks about the North Korean nuclear threat The author argues that even though the world knows that North Korea can't win in a nuclear war against us that North Korea's dictator might not know that. He thinks that their generals lied to the dicator to keep themselves save against his crazyness and that the dicator might attack South Korea. He states that these threatas are becoming more alarming due to the new dictator being in power.
    3.)The argument is that North Korea is becoming very dangerous and that we can no longer ignore it. He claims that the Norths new dictator is unstable and maybe a little crazy or naive about the world.
    4.)The author uses manly uses logos to convence us of the danger of north korea. He states that China is woried and that China is North Korea's bigest ally. He then deduced that if they should be worried that we as there enemy should be terrified. He also uses a little bit of pathos to get his point across. He makes us fear of what might happen if they launch a nuclear bomb at us.He cited the target that North Korea could hit and the deaths that could occur because of it.
    5.)I believe that North Korea needs to be taken seriously. It would be in the worlds best interests to find a way to unify the Koreas and we should look into a way to do this. It would be best if we can do this without a war but the may be nesicary for unification. I think that the author made a good observation about North Korea and that we need to look into it.

  18. 1.

    2. The Article I read was titled "Guns for kids". It has two different stories within the entire article. The first main subjects talks about how the Keyston Sporting arms has come out with a gun for children called "My First Rifle". He says that recently a five year old killed his two year old sister with this "My First Rifle". He goes on to explain how Keystone should not be making firearms for children and how dangerous it could be. He says that guns for children should be illegal and never should have been thought as an idea because children can't dye eggs without a parent, so why should they have a gun.
    The second story of the article is about how hollywood is trying to get extra rights to be able to use guns. The governor of New York recently put out a new set of bills that makes assault rifles and high-capacity magazines illegal. Hollywood is wanting an exemption for them so they can use real weapons on shows like Law and Order. They say that it is not the same without real weapons. The autor believes that if they get this exemption, then oother groups will try and push for it too.

    3.The first argument is that it should be illegal for children to own weapons. The second is that Hollywood should not get an exemption on the ban of assault weapons in New York because other groups will try and get exemption too.

    4. The author uses pathos with first argument by telling the story of about how a small child killed his younger sister with the children's rifle. He is trying to provoke emotions that would make you try and push to make guns illegal for children to own. In the second part he tries to get us on his side by a sort of caus and effect. He states that if hollywood gets an exemption then other groups would want one too.

    5. Th first issue is an easy decision for me. Children should not be able to own guns because they are not yet mature enough to have a gun in their hands. This is only true in young children. Once they reach into their mid teenage years, they are usually mature enough to own a weapon. Yes there should be a law, but only for young children.
    I believe, in the second issue, that Hollywood should be able to get that exemption. I believe that they have really the right to use them. They, unlike most regular citizens, are responsible or sane enough to not go and shoot people. If other groups comer and ask, just say no.


    New York's mayor Bloomberg spoke yesterday of what may come after he leaves office. There are two bills being proposed in the city that would provide an "independent" inspector general on the NYPD in addition to forbidding racial profiling. These are important because his possible successor may not be as strong an advocate of the NYPD as he is, which could cause trouble.

    The argument is that NYC will experience some tough times without Bloomberg as its mayor, and the people next year may regard now as the "good ol' days".

    The author uses hasty generalization by assuming that Bloomberg's likely successor won't back the NYPD, and that she will by cast aside in the new council by more liberal people. The author assumes this from the fact that Bloomberg's possible successor is allowing the bills to be put to a vote.

    I agree with the author because there is always some turbulence after a change in regime. Nobody can know what kind of mayor Bloomberg's successor will be until he or she begins their time in office, but there will most definitely be differences in style, which will cause, as previously stated, turbulence.

  20. 1)

    2) This article was about the new morning after pill Plan B. the author talk about how the pill is just another mistake and will cause more STD because more young teenagers will have unprotected sex since they are now relying on the pill. He also says that, because the pill will not always work, it will result in more unplanned teenage pregnancies.

    3) argument - the decision is medically and morally irresponsible.
    The author thinks that just because there is a new pill out that teenage girls are going to only rely on the pill and go out and sleep with anyone and cause more unplanned pregnancies and obtain more STD's.

    4) There were not very many rhetorical strategies used. He pretty much just came out and stated his opinion. Literally. There was no dancing around the subject. he just came out and said his argument and then told us why.

    5) I personally do not think this pill is a horrible idea, if it is used appropriately. Sometimes things happen that are our of our control and instead of dealing with a consequence that we couldn't help, we just need a back up. I think as long as the pill is used appropriately, it could save a lot of teenage girls from unplanned pregnancies.

  21. 1.

    2. This article was about how cats can be trained to stop undesirable behavior despite how they do not have the same want to please their owners as dogs do. Training a cat can be done by using a clicker trainer which should be used when the cat is doing something good, then rewarding it with a treat. Undesirable actions can also be stopped by changing the environment or location of where the unwanted behavior is happening.

    3. The main point of this article is that, despite popular opinion, cats can be trained to have better behavior. Cats are not lost causes but many people seem to believe so because they can not be trained in the same ways that dogs can.

    4. One thing that stands out is how the author stated the education of the "Cat Whisperer" including that she animal behavior at Harvard and psychology. It is also stated that she has experience as a vet technician and owns a Cat Behavioral Clinic. The reputation that the article built for her shows the reader that she is a reliable source for this information. While her reputation shows that she has experience with cats, it is impossible to know if her techniques apply to all cats. Some cats have different temperaments, meaning they could respond to the same training techniques used on dogs. Other cats may not respond to the clicker training. She also states that cats crave attention from their owners, even if it is negative, which can contribute to the amount of negative behavior by the cat.

    5. My opinion on the article is that cats can be trained to execute certain actions and behaviors. I believe the Cat Whisperer in that cats have different priorities than dogs, therefore different training techniques must be used. I think it is a common misconception that cats can not be trained, which may contribute to the large number of cats in shelters and being euthanized. I believe that the author's argument was strong and the facts that were stated by the Cat Whisperer helped to solidify it.


    The article is about terrorist events in the United States. The author discusses procedures and processes the FBI and other agencies have to go through to catch a suspect.

    The article's argument is that instead of implementing new procedures, we should eliminate some because they slow down the process.

    The article is not super persuasive as the author has no ethos and lacks other persuasive techniques. Having no experience with law enforcement or lawmaking, the author seems as just a casually educated person on the subject. On strategy the author did use was rhetorical questions. When he asked these questions he made the reader seem like what he wanted was the answer.

    Even thought the author did not make a strong, persuasive argument, I agree with him. My mom works in the medical field and due to procedures and paperwork, sometimes they cannot address a problem quickly. I can assume that this is probably the case for the FBI. I feel as though adding more regulations would do nothing but slow the process. I think the author made good points, but he could have made stronger arguments that were more persuasive.

  23. 1.
    2. The author that I read compared the failures of Tim Tebow during last year's season with the New York Jets to the failure of Robert Johnson, the Bronx's DA, last year. The article with the author presented some brief background information about Tebow, such as how much he was paid last year and some of his stats, before saying that Tebow was cut from the Jets a few days ago. The author then begins to discuss Robert Johnson's failures as the DA for New York City, stating that Johnson's felony conviction rate was just 46 percent in 2011. The author ends the article by discussing how the situations were handled differently, with Tebow being released from the Jet and Johnson being offered a place on the ballot for judgeship in the Bronx.
    3. Throughout the text, the author is arguing that Robert Johnson needs to be released from the role as DA of New York City.
    4. The author's main tool throughout this article is his use of comparisons. The author utilizes comparisons heavily throughout the text, with an example being the comparison of Tim Tebow's failure of a season to Robert Johnson's year as the DA of New York City. The author also compared the “stats” (the conviction rate) of Robert Johnson to the DA's of the surrounding districts, showing that Robert Johnson had a much lower conviction rate than the DA's in the surrounding areas.
    5. I agree with the author's claim, Robert Johnson needs to be removed from the DA's office of New York City. However, he should not be allowed to move from the DA's office, where he failed to carry a high conviction rate, to a judgeship within the courts of New York City. If he failed to perform as the DA, he should not be rewarded with a place on the ballot for the judgeship of New York City.

  24. 1)

    2) Muslims say they’re driven to do what they do because America holds Muslim life cheap. However, more Muslims are antagonized by their own government than by Americans themselves; for example by the Taliban.

    3) This article refutes previous ideologies that Americans kill Muslims due to racial prejudices. This author believes more Muslim lethal threats are derived from Islamic terrorists than from elsewhere.

    4) The article uses a generalization to link two events together. The events are loosely related and have correlating people groups, however tell about two different events.

    5) I think at all American citizens should be treated with the same utmost respect. I personally believe that the author uses effective methods to portray his point of view. He does not give specific details and assumes that the public will not take the time to go into further research.


    1. The article I read is about a woman who believes that cats, much like dogs can be trained. She explains that behavioral issues like peeing or marking on furniture or chewing on household items and even obsessive-compulsive behaviors like grooming too much can be corrected with training, just like dogs. She goes on to explain that although cats can be trained like dogs, it shouldn't be done in the same manner as dogs. What a person needs to focus on is their motivation, and scolding them is ineffective. She also says that cat training can help solve the problem of excessive and necessary euthanization of cats due to behavioral problems. She also goes on to claim that it's about the behavior of the person rather than the cat themselves, who often claim any form of attention possible regardless of being negative or positive. She suggests clicker training as a good training technique or removing whatever situations are stressing the cat out and causing them to act out.

    3. The argument of the text is that cats are able to be trained much like dogs are.

    4. One rhetorical strategy she uses is appeal to authority in which the article mentions that she studied animal behavior at Harvard University, which is likely to make the reader see her as a credible person because of the prestigious weight the word Harvard carries. Another is appeal to emotion because they mention that many cats are euthanized every year, partially as a result of behavior problems.

    5. I agree with the author's stance, I believe that cats can be trained much like dogs are. I also agree that a lot of it has to do with the human's behavior. Much of this comes my personal experience with both of my cats. I've learned that harshly scolding them after doing something doesn't help the behavioral problem. However, I believe that the author should've provided more examples of cases and the success rate the lady in the article has had with training cats along with possible statistics for it, it would make the argument even more credible to me.

  26. 2. The main part of this article discussed it justified to abort a baby after 24 weeks. There were many different opinions. Some said that it is the woman's choice, but they also believe it should be done before 24 weeks.

    3. Argument is that anortion after 24 weeks should be outlawed.

    4. Uses appeal to ignorance because he doesn't consider the other argument.

    5. In my opinion I believe it is the women's choice, but if an abortion is goig to take place it should take place before 24 weeks.


    2. This article is about the BIS, or the Bank for International Settlements, and an easy robbery that happened where the officers of the bank were ordered under a death threat to transfer 23.1 metric tons of gold from the Czech account to the Nazi's account and the simply did. And then it goes on telling the main idea of this bank.

    3. The argument is that this bank is unnecessary because the officers said it was not designed to profit but profited 11 million Swiss francs in less than a year and made bank robberies too easy because they simply didn't care.

    4. The author doesn't really use any rhetorical strategies, he just tells the story of the robbery and talks about the main idea of the bank.

    5. My opinion is that the bank was completely unnecessary.


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