Monday, March 18, 2013

Funny "haha" or Funny "aaah ha"

Search some political cartoons. Find one that tickles your fancy (ha...ha). Provide the link and then analyze the heck out of it!



    This political cartoon debates the difference of priorities in people's lives. It discusses how people care more about the production of twinkies being stopped more than the green movements to help save the earth like pollution, recycling, etc. People who try push for real movements don't have a chance if more people support the push for twinkies instead. People care more about what doesn't really matter than what does. The size for each movement is shown through the size of the mob versus the two people and the size of the drawing of the people in the mob as well. The font of the "Save the twinkie" is bigger than the "Save the earth." The faces of the twinkie mob seem more worried than the earth people. Overall, the emphasis of the cartoon is being displayed towards the twinkie mob which is more important to people.


    The cartoon that I chose is ridiculing the new rules the TSA recently put out about what one can carry on a plane. The cartoon shows a person of minority carrying a women on a wheel through the metal detector with many knives on the wheel thingy. The TSA recently allowed small knives under a certain length (I'm not sure of the actual regulations) to be carried onto a plane. However, they are still not allowing any bottles of liquid over a certain size. The cartoon is mocking the fact that a person can bring a small knife on board, but not a bottle of shampoo big enough to actually wash your hair for more than a day. The cartoon shows the man pushing the women through the metal detector with knifes all around her. The TSA is in the background casually watching the dangerous fiasco take place and does nothing about it. One of the TSA members says to the other, “He's fine as long as hes not carrying shampoo”, while holding a paper labeled “new rules”. This is meant to stab the TSA's ignorance on the new rules that they have recently put out.


    This picture is of a boxer in a ring with a gas pump and its reads "No matter how hard i hit him, he wont go down." Personally i think that this one has a pretty obvious meaning. No matter how hard anyone tries or gets gas, the prices do not go down and continue to rise. The man looks really tired and beaten up, which means that the gas prices are getting the best of him and are beating him and using up all of his money.

    This cartoon is very recent. At the top it says "March Madness" and it depicts a bracket that is the same as people are currently filling out for the college basketball championship. Between the words March and Madness is the seal that resembles the United State's seal. In all of the first round of the bracket there are issues that our country is facing going against the USA. This cartoon is bringing to light the issues our country has and is showing that we need to face them before they defeat us. Filling out the bracket is who appears to be Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam is a symbol of American pride and nationalism, yet his face shows that he is struggling and cannot decide what move to make. He even has a speech bubble that says 'tough bracket'. Uncle Sam is representing the struggle our government is having in making decisions for our country lately. Overall, the cartoon brings light to the issues our government faces and instills the need to take action before it's too late.


    The political cartoon I chose was trying to depict how obama is running the U.S. treasury dry, they use a cow for a symbol of the treasury. In the picture Obama is carrying a bunch of milking pales that have certain signs that say things like auto,banks,house, the different markets that he has been funding the cow looks worried as it stands there stick thin with no more milk(symbol for money), but Obama runs hastily towards it to milk it for all it's worth. I feel the artist was also dressing him up like a farmer because in his political campaign he aimed for minorities such as farmers, but in this cartoon he isn't getting any "milk" (money) for the farmers although they were a big part of his selection as president. The cartoon is showing in more than one way he has taken all the money from the treasury, and has aided big businesses unlike his original plan to help out the minorities.


    The political cartoon uses two characters to represent its argument. It uses a pope & a political man. The pope is used to represent the religious views of the cartoon. The political man is used to represent the governmental views of the cartoon. The political man gives his own personal views on manny different situations that are touchy subjects. The author uses these subjects (same-sex marriage, women's rights, and religious views) because there has been an infinite amount of debates over these things. The political cartoon is saying that if you want to make it in the political world, it is the best idea to push aside your own personal views, & adapt to what everyone else would want you to think to help you get ahead of the competition. If the man is not fit for the ideal view that everyone has, he cannot succeed. The pope is there to help "guide" him in the "right direction", which is in fact the wrong direction because he is conforming to social status.

    This cartoon is talking about the North Korean nuclear program. It is referring to how North Korea has a population that is starving yet they are worried about creating a nuclear bomb. This is especially important due to North Korea threatening to bomb us primitively. This cartoonist is pointing out how stuipid it is for North Korea to worry about nukes while its people are starving and how their priorities are messed up. It is calling out how their government does not care about its own people but only about looking strong to other nations. The walls surrounding North Korea are probably signifying the sanctions placed on it by other countries due to the nations desire to have a nuke.

  8. In this political cartoon shows Obama and one point of his views and what he agrees with, but then starts talking about Mitt Romney. This shows that the majority of the debates Obama would just quickly make a brief statement and then begin attacking Mitt Romney. This cartoon also goes straight from Obama saying he use to be against gay marriage and thenhe just says I am for it now, then begins talking about Romney. This could mean that Obama never really went into thought and explaining why exactly he is for something now when he use to be against it. Another way this cartoon could be taken is that Obama changes his thoughts and what he is for or against often.


    A bear that represents the U.S. government is standing on a man who represents business. The bear is thinking "create jobs" and the man is thinking "play dead. I think that the government is a bear because it is supposed to be menacing and bigger than most citizens who make up business. The bear also looks bored, as if he does this repeatedly and business knows the drill. But business can't handle more jobs that's why he's flailing. Business didn't make any himself and that's why government has to step on him. He's like a child and government is like the bored babysitter trying to make him do his chores. Like playing dead will make government forget about him. Government is wearing boots because it tries to look like it's getting work done, but that's just for show. Bear look ridiculous wearing boots and the boots don't really do anything to increase the productivity of the bear. The bear is only there to intimidate.


    This cartoon seems to really "tickle my fancy", you might say. First off, this is one of the only cartoons I could actually understand, and part of that is because its simplicity. It's very clearly drawn and there aren't too many symbols, so it's easy to get. This cartoon shows just how different the House GOP and Obama are in not just political aspects, but everything else. The artist is making fun of the fact they don't agree on everything and exaggerating it a bit. They don't agree on simple things like favorite soda or sports team, and then once Obama gives up, they seem to find some common ground. It's actually pretty funny. The cartoon could even be saying taht Obama isn't the right fit for being a president, but they could also be saying that the House GOP isn't right for Obama. Either way, they keep pointing out that neither are good matches for each other. There are also obvious symbols, like Obama's large ears, just making more and more fun of him.


    This political cartoon is about the extremely high gas prices throughout the country. In the picture one can see Barack Obama with boxing gloves on in a boxing arena. He looks as though he has been hit by the personified gas pump, and he says, “No matter how hard I hit him, he won't go down.” This pun was effective because it was conveying a true issue in the world today by turning it humorous. I believe that this cartoon is conveying the message that Obama does not really have control over the oil industry, and there is not much he can do to lower the outrageous gas prices. However, one could also interpret the message of the cartoon as Obama is not handling the issue of high gas prices well, and he is failing at this aspect of his job. There are many different ways one could interpret this cartoon, as any other cartoon could be. One could also notice that Obama has certain features that are very exaggerated. For example, his ears are very large and his head is extremely elongated. The cartoon is black and white and very simple, and this enables the viewer to focus more on the message without distractions.


    To me, in this cartoon, the bear symbolizes the government, while the man represents either business owners and or the people. The briefcase lying on the ground could possibly resemble a sort of economy collapse in the last decade with big and small businesses. The man's thought bubble saying "play dead" could possibly symbolize how the big businesses are trying to escape from the government by pretending that they themselves dont exist and should not be included with certain taxing laws. To me, both thought bubbles represent the things each of the two symbols want others to see, the man wants the bear to see that he is "dead" and the bear wants the people to see that he is "creating jobs", although both of these concepts are not true. I feel as if the bear is wearing boots to represent a type of order within the country, stating that the government wears the boots and is in charge, not business owners. Even though i am democratic, i see this cartoon as more republican because of the fact that the bear is somewhat trying to mock President Obama's plans for creating jobs, by associating with such images as a bear attacking a person...detrimental. The bear has a very bored, uncaring look upon his face which could somewhat symbolize the author's effects to try and show that even though the president is saying all of these things about creating jobs and building up the economy, that he doesn't really care much about helping the citizens and the country. Overall, this cartoon could be interpreted in many, different ways.

    This cartoon is definitely a "haha" funny, at first. It shows two people holding a sign that say "Save the earth" and they are watching a mob of people protesting with a much bigger sign that says "Save the Twinkie". The people on the Twinkie side have wide eyes and look extremely worried, and desperate. The earth people are extremely disappointed-looking and have nothing to say except,"We're doomed." While at first it made me laugh and I thought it was funny, I realized that this is extremely accurate. We are much more concerned with the insignificant, small things rather than real issues. If we continue to let ourselves put more effort into things like this we are going nowhere. I'm not a tree-hugger, but I would much sooner take sides with a "save the earth" foundation than a "save the Twinkie" foundation. I think the writer was trying to get it across to the viewers that we focus on all the wrong things. There are much more important issues.

  14. The twentieth picture down

    This cartoon shows two Iranians peolpe by a nuclear missile. One of them is saying that they should just shoot the missile at Israel and wipe them off the Earth. The second is running towards the first saying that if they launch the missile, the U.N. will send them a nasty email. What this image is trying to put over is that the United Nations does not do anything over conflict and that the most they would do would be to send an angry email. This has been seen a lot lately from the United Nations. One of the big events that has happened recently was the North Koreans Threatening the United States with warfare. The problem is that all the U.N. has done was tell them not to. They have not made any gestures of sending a force to try and stop them. Thats where this cartoon comes in because they same thing happened in Iran.

  15. This political cartoon analyzes the rising gas prices throughout the country. In the first photo on the left, a happy woman is conversing with President Obama. He states " I promise change." This was one of the campaign slogans he used to bring about change. Obama would be "relieving" the public from the thought to be terrors of President Bush. However, the tides change when the gas prices rose by 2011. The change he offered in the beginning was not the same change he could fulfill just four years later. In the picture on the left, the woman's hands are in a clapping position and she is overjoyed with the "good" news, whereas on the right, her fingers are spread apart and she looks anxious. The sarcastic "Your're welcome" is not the response the woman was intending to receive.


    This cartoon is funny to me because the NRA in the cartoon is now wanting to enforce the current gun laws instead of the newly pruposed gun laws. The NRA has never liked the strict gun laws that the American government has and so the NRA is always trying to get a little more slack from the government. Now that the government is trying to make the gun laws even stricter, it seems like the NRA would now be happy as long as no new laws were added. There is not much else to say on the cartoon.


    This political cartoon is presenting an opinion about the new gun laws that the government wants to set in place. The cartoon is making the argument that you can set laws against guns, but that it will not stop the criminals from committing the crimes. The people that have presented trouble with guns are the criminals, taking guns away from citizens who follow the law will not solve the problems that America is facing with guns. This cartoon uses a country looking man holding a shot gun, because they are the most common law abiding citizens to own a gun. The criminal does not care about the law that is set in place, but the country man does. They cartoon is trying to make the argument that putting this law will not stop criminals from doing the terrible things that they do.


    This political cartoon is depicting the Evolution of Man. It's the typical picture that begins with a monkey, then goes to a monkey standing straighter, then a caveman type of monkey with a club(neanderthal!! thats what it is!!), and ending with a caveman hunter with a spear standing straight up. The cartoon takes the Evolution of Man a step further by adding a man in street clothes hunched over his phone while walking by the photo. The way the man is hunched over and how preoccupied he is with his phone implies that the author of the cartoon is trying to say humanity is waning because of the effects of technology. We, as humans, are becoming so obsessed with our phones and other devices that it is similar to the cavemen's obsession with fire. And this could be nothing, but the man with the phone has semi-pursed lips which is similar to the monkeys, but completely different from the caveman who just looks like a really hairy and naked modern man(A.K.A. no pursed lips which makes it look more sophisticated).


    In this polital cartoon the caption shows the main message of what the cartoon is supposed to be making fun of. In recent years the government has been searching for ways to make sure that voters are actually voting. This cartoon is making fun of that fact. The caption states, " Ways to increase voter turn out..." There are several different elements to this picture that suggest saterical remarks. First of all on the ballot there is an extra section that is for your American Idol vote. The woman in the picture has skimmed passed the president and the congress collums to vote and skiped right down to the American Idol section. This is saying that many people today are not involved in the elction and frankly would only want to be there to vote for their favorite pop sentation.
    Also this picture is saying that many of the methods that would get different people to come out and vote would attract very strange and possibly uneducated people. The woman pictured has many haggered and repulsing qualities. Her hair is messy, clothes are unflattering and unprofessional, and she has tattos across her body. These are all symbolic of uneducated and possibly unempolyed people. This woman is showing the type of people that really don't know what is going on in the world.
    Also this woman has a very blank and possibly angry expression on her face. She is not excited to be apart of her countrie's future. She looks like she would rather just be home on her couch.
    Then the author only used similar light strokes except when he was writing the collums saying president, congress, and american idol. This is saying that he wants people to mainly focus on the utter stupidity and wrong crowd that adding this section would provide to the countires voting rights.

    Overall I believe that the author is trying to convey the messgage that many of the ideas to expand polls and have a broader population come out in vote are really crazy. These people do not know the issues and it could completely mess up the future of the nation.

    This cartoon illustrates all the conflicts that the US is facing. It is comparing these conflicts to the March Madness basketball tournament that is starting. It is funny because in the end, only one issue can win but Uncle Sam is having a hard time deciding which one it will be. It is showing that not all of the serious issues that are going on in politics can win and be fixed or helped. It is also kind of overwhelming to see just how many issues that are currently in need of being resolved.


    The political cartoon I've chosen is over the topic of New York mayor Bloomberg attempting to fight obesity in his state by banning soda and other sugary drinks that are over 16 ounces in size.

    In the cartoon, the gorilla is representing the United States, and was obviously chosen because of the animal's size. However, it also draws a specific and obvious reference to King Kong which took place in the city of New York. The plane meanwhile represents Michael Bloomberg and his attempts to fight obesity. The Empire State Building has been replaced by a large Soda.

    First of all, the gorilla represents America and its obesity epidemic. While Bloomberg was obviously chosen to be represented as a small plane that's been crushed to show that he can't fight the obesity epidemic (and if he does, it won't happen easily), and that he has obviously failed in his attempts. It's clear that the obesity epidemic is much too large to tackle alone, and that if he wanted to go about it the right way he'd need more people.


    This political cartoon is about anti Semitic views and it is relating to the crucifiction of Christ. The sponge to give wine to the "US" is the tax interest. Wall street, republicans, democracy, are the things that are taking away from the US and the thoughts of the nation.


    This cartoon is showing Obama in a boxing arena with a gas pump. Obama looks very beat up and tired while saying "No matter how hard I hit him, he won't go down." The gas pump looks just fine. I think that this is obviously stating the issue of gas prices these days and how they just keep rising. I also think that it is trying to show that Obama doesn't have control over the oil industry and our gas prices even though people think he does. Gas prices are a big issue nowadays and I think that this is a good cartoon for people to see since it is very relatable with many people and their feelings on gas.


    The political cartoon that I choose dealt with the current controversy regarding drone strikes. The first thing that a member of an audience might notice when looking at this cartoon, is the caption in the very middle of the cartoon that says "Remember when people considered reigning in presidential drone powers". This immediately reveals to the audience the stance that the author has on the drone issue. From this, I can gather that the author thinks that the president should have less power when it comes to authorizing drone strikes, or at least should have to answer to someone else before authorizing the strike. The caption in the top left, that says "In the not too distant future", suggests that the author thinks that if action against the president's power is not taken soon, then there could be a massive war caused by drones in the future. The sign in the background of the picture that says "Question Authority", suggests that the author thinks that the president should have his authority questioned when it comes to authorizing drone strikes.


    This political cartoon deals with the dislike of Bush and his accomplishments. When looking at the cartoon, you first notice the heading of the exhibit in Bush's library, "Great moments in the George W. Bush's presidency." The exhibit is empty will nothing on the walls or on display. It is completely white and has no color. To the left of the exhibit, there is a group of people peering into the empty exhibit. The article is slamming Bush and his presidency by saying that there were no rememberable moments or great moments during his time in office. The walls are plain and empty to signify the lesser effects Bush had during his time as president. It also is trying to show how big headed Bush is by saying that not only does he have his own "Bush library" but has an exhibit all about himself inside it as well.


    This political cartoon was most likely made when the Hostess cooperation was shut down and everyone was in an uproar about Twinkies. At this time Twinkies and other hostess products were on eBay going for hundreds of dollars a box. The political cartoon is showing a group of people in an outrage under a banner that reads "Save the Twinkies" next to two people holding signs to save the earth. The illustrator is showing that people only get fired up about things that don't matter or are just disturbances to our comfort while the things that really matter people brush off to let someone else take care of.


    This cartoon uses a pope to symbolize religious views and a politician to represent governmental views. The cartoon shows the politician giving his views on same-sex marriage, women's rights, and goes on saying that he considers himself and practicing catholic. The pope goes on saying that he should practice more saying that since his views aren't what the catholic religion believes in than he cannot be a catholic. This mocks the way people will put what their religion says they should believe over their own personal opinions on the matter.


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